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         Fishing Report...      

The weather has been perfect this fall and anglers I talk to tell me this is one of the best fishing seasons in recent memory. Everyone seems to be catching fish, whether they go offshore, inshore or in the creeks and rivers.

            Along the beaches, they are still catching their share of fish in the surf. With the weather what it is, you can sit on the sand and just enjoy the day even if you don’t want to fish.

            As I reported before, Sheepshead are out at the reefs and next to pilings in the creeks. Sheepshead will bite on frozen clams or barnacles scraped off the pilings with a spade or putty knife. Use some for chum to attract them and bait you hook with the rest.

            Whiting and Croaker are running now as well and will be for awhile. Use fresh shrimp on a small hook and light sinker along the bottom. In a boat, drift along the beach with your rig on the bottom and your get their attention.

            Places like Tubbs Inlet, Bonapartes Creek, Dunn Sound, Sunset Beach Bridge and all along the ICW, and the Little River Jetties are showing some Red Drum, Black Drum, Flounder, Croaker and a variety of other fish.  Live mud minnows and mullet seem to be best bait right now.  Also try scented bait such as Berkely Gulp bait and VuDu lures. Drifting is a good way to locate the fish.

            Spotted Seatrout are in the creeks. Leadheads on plastic lures work well and use live bait. Live or fresh shrimp works best and fast water increases your chances. The hot lures for Specks has been either a glow, chartreuse combination or green combination with either a 1/8 or 1/4 oz. jig head. Hotspots have been the Shallotte river and Bonaparte Creek. If trolling, a red and white lure with treble hooks does the trick. Of course, fresh or live shrimp are your best choice of bait.

            Nothing has changed as far as fishing offshore for Vermillion Snapper (Beeliners), Triggerfish, White Grunt, Porgy (of various species), and Grouper. Offshore has been very good. Try out at Atlantic Ledge from 70 to 90 feet of water. The artificial reefs around the Ledge have been producing according to the reports. Up till this writing the water has been calm and enjoyable to fish. Go know while you have the chance!

            Note that Amberjack season  is now closed until March 1, 2018.

            The gummit that controls such things has opened the Red Snapper for two weekends, November 3-5th and November 10-12th only.  No size limit, one fish per day.

            Offshore top-water fishing. Offshore, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Tuna, and Dolphin are chasing your lures but they are further out now. You will have to go out to the 100 to find them as the ocean starts to cool.

             Striped Bass season continues to May 31st. Try along the Tilman Docks in the ICW when the water is really moving. Cast “Electric Chickens” on ¼oz. leadheads into the docks and retrieve back to the boat.

            Catfish are all along the ICW. Chunk bait or the “stinkbait” is the bait of choice here. Both sides of the ebbtide is usually the best.

            Fishing off the ocean piers has been really good with anglers catching a little bit of everything. Red Drum, Black Drum, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Whiting, Spot, Flounder, a few Spadefish, Sheepshead and Croaker is what you’ll get if you keep at it.

            If you have info on the local fishing, email THE ANCHOR  at and let us know.