Stop Wishin'....Go Fishin'!!!
Quit Wishin'...Go Fishin'!!!
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         Fishing Report...      

Warm weather has blessed us this winter and the fishing is good as well. Red Drum, Black Drum and some nice Spotted Seatrout are making their way to the coolers. Some anglers have told me they haven’t seen it this good in years. The water temperature in the creeks and estuaries is warmer than normal and the fish are more active that normal. The main difference between winter and summer fishing is that in winter you have to move the bait slower and be much more quiet. Slamming lids on the hatches and cooler is a sure way of telling the fish by-by.

            So if you are looking for Red Drum, go up the creeks as far as you can to the shallows. That’s where they will be.

            Trout will be in the warmest water in the creeks. Use fresh shrimp for bait or artificials such as  VuDu Shrimp, or Berkely Gulp. They have been the ‘go-to’ baits this winter. Again, same thing, slow and steady and be quiet.

            Black Drum are near the grass line and over the oyster beds. Cut bait will work if they are there. Some of them have been undersize but the keepers are nice size.

            Blue Catfish are in the ICW anywhere there is bait. Fish if you can downstream of the bait stations that the charter boats use and you’ll get hits. As usual, Main Street Bridge, Doc Holidays Marina, Little River Swing Bridge and Little River Waterfront are just some of the places you will find them.

            Sheepshead have headed out to the reefs as have the Flounder. The Flounder can be found just off the reef in the mud or sand. My diver friends tell me the big ones are hiding in the structure on the bottom of the artificial reefs but are almost impossible to hook up there. Divers do well, but not anglers.

            Sheepshead on the other hand are feeding on the barnacles and structure in the reefs. If takes patience to get them and they are the best bait-stealers out there. Many Sheepshead anglers actually tie their bait to the hook with sowing thread, so the have better hookups.

            As for bottom fishing, the Shallow Water Grouper Complex is shut down to April 30, 2017. Shallow water Grouper species include gag grouper, black grouper, red grouper, scamp, rock hind, red hind, coney, graysby, yellowfin grouper and yellowmouth grouper.

            Black Seabass are always a good bet at the near shore reefs in the winter. The Jim Caudle Reef and Ron McManus Reef out of Little River Inlet are good bets. And if the conditions are right the Little River Offshore Reef 10-miles from Little River Inlet can be fun.

                        Stop Wishin’...Go Fishin.’

            If you have info on the local fishing, email THE ANCHOR at mailto: and let us know.