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         Fishing Report...      

This month’s fishing report is about the same as last month, only the fishing has gotten better! So I am reprinting what I wrote last month in case anyone missed it.

            Offshore, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Tuna, and Dolphin have become increasingly abundant. The Sherman wreck, the 390/390, Christina’s Ledge and the 410/510 are the places to start along with Myrtle Beach Rock or any of the artificial reefs offshore. Even “The Barges” which is Little River Offshore Reef, or is you please, “Barracuda Alley” is producing some fine catches from big Black Seabass on up to most other reef fish. One of the best areas on that reef is what I call The Mother Load where two barges are on the bottom, one on top of the other (an error when they were deployed years ago).

            Either trolling over the reef or anchoring up in it will get you some action. About 10 miles out, it is a fun place to go for the day.

            Further out, there is the huge Atlantic Ledge with a great many species of fish to catch like Amberjack, Vermillion Snapper, Black Seabass, and most of the Grouper complex. Pay attention to your fishfinder anywhere out there. If you are not catchin’ just move a little ways and you have a good chance to connect. Look for the ledges, even the small ones like five feet or less hold fish. Atlantic Ledge is very often overlooked while many anglers motor past it to further offshore sites. Save fuel and try it here first.

            Be sure to check the regs before you go. As I’ve said before, the “Fish Rules” app is by far the best for regs anywhere on our coast from Maine to Florida and offshore federal waters. And it’s free!

            About 2½-miles out of Little River Inlet is a reef called the Jim Caudle Reef, renamed after the Little River Inshore Reef. It is about the size of a Walmart parking lot and full of all kinds of structure. There is mucho bait out there and therefore a lot of fish hearing the dinner bell! Bait such as mullet, shrimp, squid and medhadden as well as smaller reef fish attract the bigger ones. Big flounder are caught just off the reef in the sand and plenty of Black Seabass as well live there. Sheepshead are in the structure and a little harder to catch but worth the effort if you enjoy the fight and the taste of table fare they provide.

            Also six miles down the coast and three miles out from Cherry Grove Pier is the newly founded Ron McManus Memorial Reef. This artificial reef is already producing some nice fish. There is a sunken shrimp boat there and the state has added some more structure in the last few years such as concrete reef cones. The Seacoast Anglers Association has donated more than $12,00.00 to help develop both the Caudle Reef and the McManus Reef over the years.

            Anglers have been getting their share of Red Drum in the creeks of Dunn Sound, Calabash River, ICW, Bonapartes Creek, Tubbs Inlet and the Sunset Beach Bridge. At the other end of the ICW, they have caught them at the Main Street Bridge near Doc Holiday’s Marina. Most are using Berkley Gulp Shrimp and Vudu Shrimp to fool them but live or dead bait always works when the others don’t. In that case try live minnows or mullet, or fresh shrimp. NOTE: The regs have changed for Red Drum in South Carolina as of July 1, 2018. The creel limit has been reduced to 2 from 3, and they have added a maximum of 6 per boat.

            Black Drum are fun fighters, they will attack most cut bait like squid, cut mullet. If you can get some, try frozen clams or mussels. (Platt’s  in Cherry Grove sells ‘em) They are in the same areas as Red Drum.

            Flounder have been all over but most are undersize. The bigger one will be coming in from the reefs soon.

Spotted Seatrout are doing very well with several biglies being taken so far this summer. You will find them in the same creeks and waterways as Red Drum, Black Drum, and Flounder.

            Remember, Striped Bass season is closed from June 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018

            Catfish have been biting with some nice size fish caught in the ICW near the fish cleaning stations. They like fresh cut bait on the bottom.

            Spanish Mackerel have moved in. They are small but as time goes by, they will increase in size. Trolling 1-2 knots with Clark Spoons will get you some action.

            Spadefish are also moving in at the artificial reefs. Look for the jelly balls that they feed on and you will find the Spadefish

            Surf fishing is good as long as you can go somewhere where the tourists are not. Everything from Reds and Flounder and whiting are there now.

            Stop Wishin’ Go Fishin’

            If you have info on the local fishing, email THE ANCHOR  at and let us know.