Stop Wishin'....Go Fishin'!!!
Quit Wishin'...Go Fishin'!!!
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 NOTICE: Many of the little used inlets have

silted over .... use caution...


         Fishing Report...      

               Offshore fishing has been slow mostly due to the high winds and  rough water out there so the reports have been few. Good news is that when the weather gets better, the season for Amberjack will be open to you. When you do get going WWO (way way out), send me reports and pictures. Should be happening soon.
               With the warmer temperatures this month, the water temperature has gone up and the pier fishing has picked up along the Grand Strand and Cherry Grove. They have been catching a few Whiting and Croaker.
               The ICW and the creeks have been producing a good number of Red Drum and Spotted Seatrout. However, SCDNR has asked us to release any Seatrout you catch because of the cold snap in January killing the breeders. In North Carolina, the Spotted Seatrout is closed until June 1st for the same reason. Try the Sunset Beach area to Tubbs Inlet and the crossroads of Little River, ICW and Calabash River all which have been producing nice healthy Reds. Watch the water temperature as the Reds will be in the warmer areas.
                As usual, Black Drum are in most of the creeks and waterways.  Most anglers are using cut mullet, cut bluefish or squid for bait. Frozen clams seem to work well when you can’t get fresh bait.
               I had several reports of Sheepshead caught near Tilman’s on the ICW and at the Little River Jetties right near the rocks. Sheepshead are another great table fare and are fun to catch but can be difficult. First scrape barnacles off a piling into a bucket to use for chum. Use a small #4 circle hook and rig a large barnacle on the hook at the shaft of the hook. Take some sewing thread and wrap the thread around the barnacle to keep it on the hook, rigged like a Carolina Rig with a 2oz. sinker. Use 15lb. braid because of the proximity to the pier structure and all the demons a pier or reef presents which is very unforgiving.
 After you crush the barnacles then scoop a small amount in the water next to the pilings of the pier or over the reef. Some anglers say they are so hard to catch that you have to hook ‘em just before they bite!
                 No reports of Stripers being hooked, but I know they are there. I suspect anglers are not targeting them for some reason.
                 Some nice Saltwater (Blue) Catfish are reported under the RT 17 bridge and under the Main Street Bridge on the ICW. I even saw an angler catch a nice one at the RT 22 boat ramp facility in Myrtle Beach. Almost any cut bait does the trick here.
                                  Stop Wishin’ Go Fishin’
 If you have info on the local fishing,, email THE ANCHOR  at  and let us know.